Illustration by El Carna

Being in water is the closest thing to flying:

I am always in motion

And sometimes still.

This is where I spread my wings.

See, I was baptized in tears.

I am soaring in the ocean and praying in the waves.

I am water: storming is my worship.

-My ocean is a temple



Illustration by Lord Kpuri

So beautiful

So tall and dark

So day and night

So fire and light.

She is here and now.

She said: “I am the world; I will not shake”

She warned « I am my own world, I cannot break »

She whispered: « you have me word, I am a woman! »

She smiled: « now color me love »

- Queen sister



Illustration: She Can and Will Get Through Anything by Renike

Little did I know that the world would change forever;

so will I.

Little did I know that, as the world was changing completely;

so should I.

Little did I know that, as the world would change so deeply;

So needed I.

This is where I take my power back.

I am flying back to the source and back to my roots: my light.

This is a direction I didn’t expect my journey to take,

but I knew that my journey must take.

Why was I looking for power outside of me?




Painting by Boscoe Holder

Candy floss fumes are streaming out of your nose

A sugary breeze is blowing on my lips.

Our bodies crush and sting.

My body springs with stars

And you gaze at my eyes,

While I reached for the sky.

Did you know that the doors to heaven

were in between my thighs?

- A million of kisses



Afro Lunar Lovers by Chris Ofili

I thank The Almighty Love

For the way it came to me:

As you,

For me.

You are love, my love.

And in the many lives to come,

For you

And me

I will be from you.

Look at the universe you made for my heart!

- You and me



Shape Shift by Josiah Mackey

She is carved out of the glazing tail of a Phoenix.

“I am the eternal fire and the light of a million worlds”.

“She is a woman”. That is your word.

“I am here to light up the world in colors”.

That is her word: a prayer.

Femme fatale



Painting “To New Beginnings” by Kehinde Bolagun

How will I give my word and release it

Like stars into the universe

So that you do not to take it and make me guilty?

Do not turn my light into a weapon

and stone me to death with my own glory.

You can’t keep me in the dark,

I was born out the stars.

I cannot fear what I know best,

I will not hide who I know best.

You can steal my fire

But can you carry a galaxy of shining words?

God is creator

And Love is creative.

If God is Love,

Then as its creature

I am creation.

I am a universe.

Just because I sprinkle my light on you,

Doesn’t mean that you have a right to my divinity.

-The Gospel



Le Combat de Qunce Zeng

I see birds of colors,

Looking like fireworks

With watery flames as wings.

Are they dancing or praying?

The sky has been crushed and it is bleeding light in the darkness.

I am playing with water and paint in the fire

And the birds are now flying in colors.

- The original canvas